Apple announced something incredible — it has reduced prices on parts for their MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, and it’s very strange. It is strange because Apple always equipment just expensive, and what is the catch in this case is still unknown. However, all prices listed on the official website of the company and is relevant for its branded online store, so, like, it’s only fair.

To save on memory when buying laptops MacBook Air and MacBook Pro only when you select a customized version. In other words, to bring down the price in the Configurator Apple and nothing else. On the other hand, it is possible to choose and other components so that you can try. New memory prices in comparison with the old prices below.

Top MacBook Pro 15: the SSD 2 TB: was 97 630 rubles, was 81 360 rubles; Top-end MacBook Pro 15: the SSD 4 TB: it was 260 350 rubles, was 227 810 rubles; the Base MacBook Pro 15: the SSD 2 TB: there were 113 900 rubles, was 97 630 rubles; the Base MacBook Pro 15: the SSD 4 TB: there were 276 620 rubles, was 244 080 rubles; the Top-end MacBook Pro 13 SSD drive 2 TB: was 97 630 roubles was 81 360 rubles; the Base MacBook Air (2018): SSD 1.5 TB: was 97 630 rubles, was 89 500 rubles; Top MacBook Air (2018): SSD 1.5 TB: it was 81 360 rubles, was 73 220 rubles.

As you can see, the discount though, but very insignificant, so that Apple in your hand like cheaper but still damn expensive. Add to this the General inflated cost of mobile PC with the bitten Apple and ask the question — why do we need them on the background of the worthy competitors on Windows with a much more appropriate price? The answer to this question is every man for himself will give himself, but, as mentioned in the famous commercial, if there is no difference, there is no need to pay more.

We also add that in March 2019 Apple rolled out new tablets iPad Air and iPad mini, an updated line of iMac desktop computers and the second generation of wireless headphones AirPods. Also after a few days it will introduce a new news and video services, and in the summer, is expected to announce new iOS 13. Release its final version will take place simultaneously with the new IPhones scheduled for September of this year.

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