Apple rarely lowers prices on their products. However, this year the situation has changed. Since the beginning of the year, the company has repeatedly lowered the cost of their products. In particular, iPhone Xr. But today suddenly fell and another Apple product – smart column HomePod.

It is worth noting that the smart column is not available in all markets. Today, however, cupertinos reduced the price HomePod in many regions. For example, the US column fell to $ 50. Now in the Apple Store, you can purchase it for $ 299. In the UK the price of HomePod has changed from 319 to 279 pounds. In General, the cupertinos have lowered the price of my clever column around 15%.

It is noteworthy that even before the lower prices in the official stores of Apple users to purchase HomePod with good discounts. In particular, the American retail chain Best Buy have been sold the Apple column for 279 dollars.

At the moment Apple is not a strong player in the market of smart speakers. Users are not very willing to give preference to the HomePod, and the reason is not only the high cost of Apple speakers. Many believe that the HomePod is too “tied” to Apple services.


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