In the database of the Unified register of notifications of the characteristics of cryptographic devices and products containing them, from which it became known earlier about the existence of “Yandex. Phone”, again lit up new gadgets. Now put on.

In the registry, supported by the Eurasian economic Commission are required to register all goods with cryptographic capabilities, imported to Russia and other countries of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU) of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The configuration registry database is publicly available and does not allow manufacturers to hide the fact of registration yet to be announced gadgets.

It happened with the new models the Apple Watch, which appeared in the registry on 20 August. We are talking about the versions of “personal wearable electronic devices brand Apple” with an alphanumeric designations A1975, A1976, A1977, A1978, A2007 and A2008. Also included in the register and the existing Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3 (no LTE), but with the indication that they are set watchOS fifth version (while it is in the status beta).

“Adjacent” codes of the models (for example, and A1858 A1859) denote the clock of the same model, but with cases of different sizes. Speculate that may be due to the fact the new model numbers difficult, but it’s not exactly the same model in different materials to denote and steel, and aluminum available Apple Watch models use the same designation. Perhaps Russia will be supplied some top-end Apple Watch in two sizes (A200x) and one or two simpler models (four code A197x).

∎Apple is developing medical chip to put on electronicmedia also

If you believe the leaks and analysts, Apple is planning to unveil smart watch in September, simultaneously with the next-generation iPhone. It is assumed that the device. retaining the current size will get larger screens and higher capacity battery. Apple is also considering to equip the watch of new sensors that allow, when the user touches them, keep track of additional parameters of vital activity.

Another rumor promises replacement of the mechanical press of the digital crown and side buttons on the fixed controls with tactile feedback. This may allow to increase the degree of water protection of the Apple Watch so that they could not only swim, but to dive into the depths.


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