Surprisee new application.

Following the release of iOS 12 Apple has released a new application “Team”. The application makes use of one of the key new features iOS 12 “Quick commands Siri” is most convenient. It allows you to create different personalized quick command for immediate execution by selecting directly in the app or access Siri.

The application of the “Team” includes more than 300 built-in actions from different iOS apps 12, including “Photos”, “Contacts”, “Calendar”, “Camera”, Safari, etc. Besides, “Team” support and numerous third party applications that are actively adapt the innovation iOS 12.

With the application Teams, users can create personalized quick command. For example, once you set up your quick command, the user can with one click or request to Siri:

  • to know the directions to the house
  • add to home screen icon for quick contact call
  • download all images from web page
  • quickly send a screenshot that has just been made
  • start favorite news app in the right section.

And many other varied commands. All generated commands can be activated by clicking in the application, or voice request. Moreover, the query formed by the user that allows to make the Siri is as comfortable as possible.

Also, the application of the “Team” has a convenient widget for an even faster run commands. The app offers real opportunities for automation of frequently performed actions.

To download the free app from Apple can be provided below the link.

Source: App Store.


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