Apple is not the first month working to improve the security of their devices from burglary devices. For example, such as GrayKey. This cupertinos iOS build in mechanisms for automatic blocking Lightning. Released today the iOS update 11.4.1 this mechanism was refined even more. However, according to network sources, methods to bypass the protection has already been found.

11.4.1 in iOS, Apple has added a new paragraph in the security settings. It was called USB Accessories. By default, the protection function will be active and after one hour the iOS will not allow USB accessories to connect to the device.

However, shortly after the new Apple’s mobile operating system, the company’s specialists ElcomSoft, dealing with issues of cybersecurity, found a loophole in a new security mechanism. Connecting to the Lightning port of an additional device, timer, USB Restricted Mode can be reset. The specialists ElcomSoft note that stop the timer blocker can help one of the branded accessories Apple adapter Lightning to USB 3 Camera.

The only drawback of this method is that the accessory must be connected before the lock becomes active. Otherwise to circumvent the new restriction will not work. However, experts continue to work to find other solutions, as, according to them, the ability to bypass the lock by brand accessory is most likely an oversight from Apple in the future it will be eliminated.


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