The new beta version!

As we predicted earlier, the first beta version iOS 12.1.3 has not kept itself waiting. Only Apple has made available iOS 12.1.3 beta 1 to registered developers. The participants in the testing program will have access to the update during the day.

IOS release 12.1.3

The release of the first beta version of iOS 12.1.3 was quite expected. The fact that Apple specifically hurried with the launch of the final iOS version 12.1.2. The company did this in order to solve the problems with Chinese iPhone users. In the iOS version 12.1.2 for Chinese iPhone changed the animation of the closing of applications and interface send contacts and Wallpapers.

Apple has changed the interface elements as previously the Chinese court recognized that their presence on the iPhone violates patents of Qualcomm. So Apple could just get out of the problematic situation that threatened the company’s ban on iPhone sales in China.

iOS 12.1.3 — what’s new

However, because of the rush of Apple has implemented in iOS 12.1.2 originally scheduled changes. That is why the release of iOS 12.1.3 expected. Today Apple released the first beta version iOS 12.1.3, in which, according to the official description, fixes bugs found earlier and conducted work to increase stability and enhanced optimization.

Most likely, it was in iOS 12.1.3 Apple will fix the only serious problem iOS 12, which leads to disabling Wi-Fi and LTE iPhone. Note that in the description 12.1.3 iOS beta 1 was not specified whether they have fixed the bug in the firmware. But as soon as it becomes known after the user testing, we will update the news.


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