Beta iOS version 12.2 for all now!

Apple has released the first public beta of iOS 12.2. The update is available for installation almost a week after the launch of iOS 12.2 beta 1 for developers. What’s new in iOS 12.2 public beta 1 and how to install the firmware right now? Told in this material.

Apple has released iOS 12.2 beta 1 for everyone — what’s new

iOS 12.2 public beta 1 are identical in changes iOS 12.2 beta 1 for developers. Full list of observed innovations are presented below:

  • A key innovation of iOS 12.2 — support applications written in a new version of the Swift language 5. Such applications, which after the release of the final version of iOS 12.2 will be really a lot, run a lot faster and take on 10-30% less space in the memory of the iPhone and iPad.
  • Have the opportunity to prohibit the use of applications when using the “Screen time” on specific days of the week.
  • Added visual warning about visiting potentially dangerous websites in the Safari browser.

  • Added support for TV with support for AirPlay 2 in the Appendix “the House”.
  • Updated interface in the Wallet app.

  • New icon of the function “screen Mirroring” in the “control room”.

  • App Apple News work in Canada.
  • Discovered references to Apple News with a paid Premium subscription to the news. Including iPhone Russian users.
  • Fixed many bugs.
  • Carried out work to improve the stability of the system.

If you want to install iOS 12.2 public beta 1, then it is necessary to join the testing program at Apple. This can be done for free by going to the special page of the official website of Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Page, test programs need to login with your account Apple ID, and then register the device for testing by downloading the beta profile. To learn more about how to register as a member of the program test you in this instruction.

As for the final version of iOS 12.2, then its output is expected in February-March 2019. It is expected that the launch of iOS 12.2 may occur after the end of March the presentation of Apple.


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