Tonight Apple released the second test Assembly iOS 12.2. At the moment the update is only available to authorized developers. However, it is not excluded that soon will see the light and public beta iOS 12.2.

It is noteworthy that the cupertinos have made a new test build quite a lot of noticeable changes. First, in iOS 12.2 beta 2 have been fixed a FaceTime bug that could discreetly eavesdrop on conversations callee. And secondly, in the system there were four new animaze: shark, giraffe, wild boar and owl.

In addition, Apple paid attention to minor interface changes, and various errors and shortcomings remaining after past releases. Forgot cupertinos and about have standard work to improve the stability of the operating system.

At the moment it is unknown when exactly Apple will release the final build of iOS 12.2. It is possible that the testing will last for another few weeks.


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