Apple released the game Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard for iPhone. This is the first game the company released in the ten years to 2008.

Then Apple created the iPhone version of their card game Texas holdem iPod. Now the game is developed Studio Wildlife Designs, but the rights to it belong to Apple, Apple also will be engaged in its support and development.

Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard represents a kind of version of the classic arcade game Paperboy Atari Games that debuted in 1984.

As in the original user must do a paper route by bike. The main character acts Warren Buffett — American businessman, one of the largest and most famous in the world of investors and in February 2019, the third richest man in the world.

Buffett worked in his childhood delivering Newspapers and the player is invited to do the same, earning “Bucks Warren”. In fact, the same Paperboy, but with a touch interface on a smartphone, and for “future billionaires”.

Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard for iPhone is free and is suitable for iOS 11 and newer versions.

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