The American company Apple has blocked hundreds of podcasts well-known American TV presenter, blogger and journalist Alex Jones. The company has also removed from the iTunes label Jones ‘ InfoWars. Earlier for the same reasons some episodes of transmission Jones removed the portal Spotify. At the moment, free Apple remains only one transmission Jones — RealNews.

In July, the “dissatisfaction” expressed Jones and YouTube by removing the four videos from his channel that was signed more than 2.4 million people. In the locked portal videos Jones criticized the mass migration of Muslims to Europe, and also condemned the release of the film about the transgender people. Despite the fact that YouTube has explained his actions to combat the spread of hatred, the leadership of the InfoWars stated that the videos were removed because they appeared in the criticism of American liberalism.

Facebook also blocked a personal account Jones for 30 days after the presenter has not published any leadership social network content. Despite the fact that Jones often shared on the Facebook page with their thoughts about the attack on 9 September 2001 and massacres at school sandy hook, the user of the social network said that the deletion of the page leading has nothing to do with his political positions. Public page Jones continues to operate.

In the US, Alex Jones has often been criticized by the American media and politicians for their support of conspiracy theories. He has repeatedly said that the attack on 9 September 2001 is none other than the American government. Jones also known for his sharp criticism of President Obama and the concepts of globalism.


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