Apple has published a new quarterly report showing the financial results of Apple for the third quarter of 2018 fiscal year. In General, the reporting period was for the company quite successful. In the third quarter of 2018 fiscal year kupertinovtsy able to 53,3 billion dollars in revenue. Compared to the same period last year this figure rose by 17%.

Apple representatives say revenue growth in all major markets. The greatest growth has occurred in the us market (+20%) and the smallest in Japanese (+7%). With regard to profit in the third quarter of fiscal year 2018 cupertinos earned $ 11.5 billion.

Most revenue Apple still bring smartphones. During the reporting period, the cupertinos have implemented 41.3 million iPhone. In comparison with the previous year supply grew by only 1%. However, due to the appearance on the market iPhone X revenue from sales of smartphones grew by 20%, and the average price reached $ 728.

A slight increase was shown, and iPad. During the reporting period, shipments of tablets grew by 1% and reached the mark of 11.55 million units. Revenues from sales of the iPad fell by 5% to 4.74 billion dollars.

Mac computers traditionally show a drop. In particular, in the third quarter of 2018 fiscal year, the total supply of Apple computers decreased by 13% (to 3.7 million), and revenues by 5% (to 5.33 billion dollars).

Corporate services of the company on the contrary show a marked increase. In comparison with last year the revenue increased by 31%. Good growth and “other products”. This category includes smart watches, headphones and other accessories. Sales of these products brought the company $ 3.7 billion, which is 37% more than last year.


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