Despite the problems that Apple faced after the release of the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max, kupertinovtsy able to retain a leading position in the segment of premium smartphones. This is the conclusion reached by experts after analyzing the smartphone market in 2018.

Analysts say that compared with 2017 the segment of premium smartphones grew by about 14%. Thus the large Chinese manufacturers have begun to push more eminent competitors. In particular, during the year its position in this market segment have strengthened companies such as Huawei, OPPO and OnePlus. At the same time, Apple and Samsung lost a small part of the market.

However, despite a slight drop in share, the iPhone maker was able to maintain its leading position. At the moment Apple controls 51% in the segment of premium smartphones. Samsung is lagging behind by more than two times. The share of Korean companies is 22%.

According to experts, top smartphones Apple are in demand in North America, the middle East, Africa, Western Europe, China and the Asia-Pacific region. While premium Samsung devices sell better in Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe.


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