Apple blocks Russian apps in the App Store. This time came under attack program “Ogorod” which is often used in the Crimea, and also in the breakaway DNI and LC.

The service has developed one of the start-UPS of the development Fund of Internet initiatives (FDII). Guide, a poster and a forum for the residents of the cities of Russia and CIS countries “Ogorod” closed App Store in early October, told “Kommersant” founder and CEO of “Ogorod” Dmitry Begovatov.

Apple explained that you can’t work with certain applications or developers because of the U.S. embargo.

However, in the American Ministry of Finance in response to the letter, the developer explained that Russia is not included in the list of countries that are under a “comprehensive” sanctions, the United States, such as North Korea or Iran, and that American business can work to limit Russian firms only if they concern persons from the sanctions list. The Agency did not evaluate the actions of Apple, concluding that the business itself decides with whom to cooperate.

Previously, Apple introduced its new MacBook Air wrote

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