This year, Apple has again outdone itself, bringing mobile photography on a new level. The breakthrough that made the iPhone’s camera XS and XS Max, said even seasoned it journalists and professional photographers, to pay attention to how the quality of pictures and new modes that allows you to configure the camera depending on the shooting conditions. But the ode of praise that reviewers have donee a novelty, and would remain simply words if not for the campaign called “Shot on iPhone”.

Apple on its official website published a series of photographs taken on the iPhone camera XS and XS Max. All works belong to regular users who have shared them on social media with the hashtag #ShotOniPhone, and was selected by an impartial jury as the most successful and most fully reflect the changes that have occurred with the photographic abilities of the new smartphones.

How to change the picture quality on the iPhone XS

Looking at the pictures taken on the iPhone XS and XS Max, the impression that Apple invented the smartphone camera again. In Cupertino not only upgraded photos module signature flagships in technical terms, but also modified the software responsible for their work. That only is Smart HDR mode or superior side in Portrait, which now marks even the smallest elements in the frame like erect hairs or jewelry, blurring only the background.

Manual adjustment of the side on the iPhone XS

But what we see now is not the limit, says Apple. The company plans to improve the iPhone camera XS and XS Max in future updates. One of the innovations that are expected in the near future will be the ability to manually adjust the depth of field in portrait pictures in real time. This feature is already available to participants in pre-testing, installed the first beta of iOS 12.1.

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