According to analyst Gene Munster, the Apple has significantly improved the voice assistant HomePod. In particular, Siri began to better recognize users ‘ questions and to give a more precise and correct answers. It was found during the experiment, in which experts compared the capabilities of the Google Assistant, Cortana, Alexa and Siri 800 identical questions.

Only Siri correctly answered 74.6% of the questions. It is noteworthy that the year ago results of Apple’s voice assistant was much worse than 52.3 per cent. According to Munster, the test clearly shows that the cupertinos have made many small updates and innovations that made Siri more functional.

As for the competitors, the leader of the test was the Google Assistant. This voice assistant correctly answered almost 88% of the questions. In comparison with last year the result of Google’s Assistant has not changed too much. Professionals the search giant managed to increase by 6%.

Fared well and voice assistant from the Amazon. Alexa was able to answer correctly 72.5% of the test questions. Thus, the voice assistant Amazon took third place. Microsoft Cortana was in fourth place, much behind its competitors.


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