Ahead of the final match of the world Cup, and Apple decided to celebrate the redesign of their French and Croatian sites reported by the French portal iPhoneAddict.

Now, when you open Apple.com in France, on the main page automatically played a short video with a lot of chaotic flying soccer balls and French flags. It disappears immediately after.

For Croatian fans on the main page Apple.com there is a similar video, but without the Croatian flag. Instead, it lists heart, fire and soccer balls.


Apple rarely changes the design of your website, so it’s safe to say that the company’s management is excited about the world Cup. In the past Apple.com has varied after the death of Steve jobs, in connection with the advertising company “Shot on iPhone”, during a Day of global awareness on universal access and other important events.

Apple and the world Cup

Apple is very well prepared for the world Cup in Russia. She taught Siri to tell about the Cup, started advertising “Behind the music”, released some new photos of the series “Shot on iPhone”, and the AirPods lit up on many shots players.


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