the iPhone and iPad, fortunately, not affected.

Apple has notified investors that soon she may need to increase the value of its products. The reason is the US sanctions against China, on which certain Chinese-made products imposed duties. The prices of Apple products could increase by the end of 2018. It is reported Bloomberg citing a trusted source at Apple.

Apple specified exactly which devices will be affected by the introduction of fees. The company may go on increasing prices:

  • smart watch Apple Watch,
  • AirPods headphones,
  • stylus Apple Pencil
  • the Mac mini
  • charger adapters and cables
  • a variety of accessories.

The increase in the cost of the iPhone, iPad and Mac is expected. Apple did not tell how much will increase prices for its products. Bloomberg believe that the cost increase will be 15%, as imports of some products originating in the United States from China imposed such a duty.

It is expected that the prices of Apple products will increase worldwide, including in Russia.

Source: Bloomberg.


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