Install the new beta version is now impossible.

If you haven’t updated to iOS 12 beta 7, which was released on August 13, we definitely noticed that the firmware didn’t come over the air. This is due to the fact that on the night of 14 August, Apple has withdrawn iOS 12 beta 7 due to the emergence of very serious performance problems.

Problems with speed of work of iOS 12 beta 7 appeared the majority of users, and on any device. Even iPhone owners X said that after updating to the latest beta version even ordinary running applications began to take 10-15 seconds. Rebooting didn’t help solve the problem.

Apple has corrected the situation most properly. The company withdrew the firmware now install iOS 12 beta 7 cannot. Today, 14 August, Apple was supposed to release the sixth public beta version of the firmware, but apparently the release will be delayed.

It is not excluded that arose in iOS 12 beta 7 problems associated with the removal of the function of group video calls on FaceTime from the system. Recall that Apple for some unknown reason decided to postpone one of the major innovations until the end of 2018.

Source: MR.


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