Apple years later destroyed the Cydia store, though not their own — the project is subject to a very fast closing. The reason is the low popularity of the resource, and no wonder.

Apple iPhone a few years ago was associated with the jailbreak — breaking smartphone with the purpose of obtaining access to all its functions and the ability to install apps from third-party sources. In other words, the equated jailbreak iPhone capabilities with smartphones on Android. Cydia Store and was thus a third-party source applications which you can download any software, including hacked (cracinae) in the App Store would have to pay.

But now all this is not true: free software became very much, which made the Cydia Store, in fact, useless, and iPhone owners have become accustomed to its many limitations. But there is good news: actually, Cydia Store will continue to operate, it is still possible to download existing apps and tweaks, but the new programs and updates already available the user will not see. But, apparently, this is only an intermediate step, and soon the Cydia Store will cease to exist.

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