At the moment, all recent Apple laptops use the keyboard mechanism keys “butterfly”. Originally cupertinos promised that he will make the keyboard thinner and more reliable. However, in the process of use it became known that the mechanism itself is not particularly “endurance”. Perhaps for this reason that Apple is currently working on a new type of keyboards.

Recently, the network appeared information about the fact that kupertinovtsy patented a new type of keyboards that is completely devoid of mobile elements. In fact, Apple engineers propose to create a fully touch-sensitive keyboard unit. However, unlike the screens of mobile devices the keyboard the new generation will be realistic to simulate tactile feedback, providing a physical response almost like real keys.

In fact, in the future, Apple may create a hybrid Touch panel Bar and a traditional keyboard. However, such a solution in terms of functionality should significantly surpass the traditional keyboard. Be achieved it will be due to the fact that users will be able to customize the type and location of individual keys, change layouts, etc.

It should be noted that this is not the first such Apple patent. In the past cupertinos already have patented different touch keyboard, and even laptops with two displays. However, in a series of such developments have yet to go.


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