But what can you do.

Apple has updated not only the iMac, but the options build to order iMac Pro, adding a new Vega graphics Radeon Pro 64X and the option of RAM of 256 GB. These updates are not cheap. Option RAM 256 GB will cost you 423 thousand, the excess of the cost of the base model iMac Pro for 430 thousand rubles.

Increase RAM in iMac Pro now means that you can double the total cost, before considering any other upgrade components. Who knows how to use all of the RAM, but with this set its disadvantage obviously will not really have to pay for almost 1 million rubles.

The new high-performance Vega Pro Radeon 64X for iMac Pro looks a little more attractive. It only costs 56 952 roubles, and comes with 16 GB of dedicated video memory.

New updates to coincide with today’s update of the iMac, which has received new options for processor and graphics cards.

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