Apple has released a promotional video telling about the usability of Face ID. The latest work of marketing the company represents a full-length production with a clever script, a few actors and a surprise ending.

Forgot password iPhone. What to do

The video, called “Memory” takes place on a theater stage as part of the eponymous show. In the story the main character successfully responds to questions relating to any of the events in his past, until he / she asks him to tell the password of online banking, which was invented this morning.

The hero goes through unsuccessfully in the memory the possible combinations, causing the audience mixed feelings. Someone is worried about him, and someone who gleefully laughs at his forgetfulness. When the tension becomes unbearable, the hero in despair, and pulls out a smartphone with reliable and looks at the screen, when the device recognizes it and releases the lock.

What good is a Face ID

A split second later, it turns out that everything that happened to hero happened in his head while he was trying to remember the password, sitting at a table in a cafe. As it turned out, for iPhone X with support Face ID password may serve as the face of the owner, not alphanumeric combination of characters that is so easy to forget.


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