iPhone XS and XS Max received expedited support for wireless charging, said in a statement Apple. According to the company, the new devices are designed so that they are able to charge wirelessly even faster than the models that came out last year.

“The glass used in [iPhone XS and XS Max] is more scratch resistant compared to other smartphones, the statement says Apple. — A back panel [of new products] is designed so that it is able to provide faster wireless charging”.

Wireless charging in the new iPhone

Unfortunately, Apple does not disclose the hardware characteristics of the induction module installed in the iPhone XS and XS Max, and it supports power. This in turn does not allow to form an impression about the real effectiveness of wireless charging for new phones.

How fast

Very interesting the wording that Apple uses to describe innovations. On the one hand, the statement says nothing about the hardware upgrade of the wireless module. It is possible that the engineers just reduced the resistance of the glass, keeping the same coil that was installed in the iPhone X.

But last year it became known that Apple will slowly increase the speed of wireless charging of compatible devices. The company started with 5-watt charging iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X, subsequently releasing the update to increase this figure to 7.5 watts. It is not excluded that it is time to increase it up to 10 watts.


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