Some time ago, the network appeared images of the new wireless Beats headphones. Sources claimed that in the near future will be the announcement of the new Powerbeats. Today the rumors were confirmed. The company-owned Apple brand Beats headphones Powerbeats presented Pro. New Powerbeats is really similar to 3, but it is devoid of wires.

According to reports, the new Beats wireless headphones 23% smaller and 17% lighter predecessor. Furthermore, they installed the chip Apple H1, which allows owners Powerbeats Pro to use your voice assistant Siri. In addition, the chip accelerates the switch between Apple devices.

Judging by the first reviews, the new Beats wireless headphones have good sound and deep bass. Pro Powerbeats also boast a good battery life – 9 hours. And with the battery in case the maximum working time increased to days.

Selling Powerbeats Pro should appear in may this year. Headphones are available in four colors: white, blue, brown and black. This charging case can only be black. Except for the headphones and case, the kit also includes special inserts in four sizes. Price Powerbeats Pro is $ 250.

It is worth noting that to buy a new Beats will be in Russia. However, it’s unknown exactly when. Apparently, Russia does not get in the first wave of sales. However, it is already known the cost of the headphones. In the Russian Apple Online Store they can be purchased for 18 990 rubles.


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