Apple has expanded its patent portfolio with a new document. It describes the technology that will replace existing solutions, which help to determine the location of the iPhone and Apple Watch.

At the moment, to determine the position of the device in most cases GPS is used in combination with Wi-Fi, cellular communication, Bluetooth, and NFC tags. All this allows you to accurately establish the location of the gadget. However, existing technologies are not always. It is for this reason cupertinos pondered the alternative.

Described in the patent, the technology will allow to determine the location of the device based on the evaluation of the environment. A sensor to assess the composition of the air, memorize the data. In the future, the system will accurately determine the position of the device space on the basis of the composition of the air.

As usual, there is no specific information on exactly when Apple plans to implement a similar sensor in their devices. It is possible that such development will never be implemented in hardware.


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