In 2017, Apple released its first smartphone without Touch ID and, according to the latest rumors, this year cupertinos do not plan to return the fingerprint scanner in iPhone. However, the company still does not want to completely abandon the Touch ID. This hint of a patent application Apple.

Recently it became known that some time ago cupertinos registered the application, which describes a new way to integrate the fingerprint scanner in the display of the mobile device. Apple engineers have proposed the creation of the iPhone screen a large number of tiny holes that allow light to pass to an optical sensor.

The size of the holes should be really small. In the patent indicated that they planned to place between the pixels on the display panel. Thus, additional holes are just not visible to the user.

As usual, at the moment there is no specific information about the date of the implementation described in the patent of the idea of serial devices. However, such a mechanism could allow Apple to equip its smartphones with two identification systems. According to rumors, the cupertinos are thinking about it for quite some time.


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