While it is not known whether Apple to create its own flexible smartphone. However, the cupertinos are actively patenting different ideas that can help. For example, recently it became known that Apple patented a special mechanism that prevents damage to the flexible screen in the cold.

Judging by available information, kupertinovtsy decided to worry about the problems that can arise with bendable display negative temperatures. It is likely that when severe frosts bendable screen just stops working.

Cupertinos patented system, which can solve this problem. Apple engineers just offer to activate the part of the pixels in the bending place of the screen, so they can increase the temperature of this part of the display. Thus, the cupertinos are planning to deal with excessive “overcooling” of the mobile device.

It should be noted that this is not the first Apple patent that describes a bendable smartphone. In the past cupertinos already patented various hinges and other components as well as interface elements that can help the company in creating innovative gadget. However, as mentioned above, while there is no reliable evidence that cupertinos indeed working on such a device.


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