Waiting in iOS 13, but better than before!

Apple creates a new system of protection against promotional calls and SMS, which must be entered in one of the next major versions of iOS. Apple has applied a special approach, which will allow iPhone users to forget about annoying spam.

Apple developers create a common database of spammers with the ability to add records from the iPhone users. All included spam numbers will be stored on users ‘ devices. Thanks to phone calls and SMS from spammers will be ignored even if on the iPhone is not connected to the Internet.

According to the idea of Apple iPhone users will not receive any notifications when receiving calls or getting text messages from spammers. Such spamming activity will be completely blocked.

Apple plans to give iPhone owners the possibility to enter numbers in a common database of spammers. In this case, each recorded in it the number will be blocked not only for a specific user, but also for all other iPhone owners. Of course, before entering numbers in the General black list, Apple will test it, as otherwise the database can get rooms of ordinary people.

In addition, the new system provides a warning of potentially dangerous calls and SMS. iOS will identify likely malicious calls and messages and alert users about a possible threat.

When the new system of protection will appear in iOS is currently unknown. It is possible that the innovation will be only added in iOS 13.

Source: uspto.


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