Despite all the forecasts of analysts, the excitement of providers and reports of falling demand Xr for iPhone, iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max, cupertinos continue to convince everyone that the new smartphones are all more than okay. In particular, Apple’s Vice President Greg Joswiak in an interview with CNET said iPhone Xr sold very well.

According to a top Manager, a 6.1-inch iPhone sold very well. Moreover, high demand for the iPhone Xr was observed at the time of launch of this device, and now. Greg Joswiak noted that bright “state employee” sold much better than the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max.

Vice President of Apple called numerous rumors about low demand for iPhone sample 2018 unreliable. However, other details Greg Joswiak to share declined.

In General, we can assume that iPhone Xr sold quite well. The unit was bright, fairly powerful and it has many interesting features that are in the “older” models. However, without specific numbers to talk about the success of the iPhone Xr is impossible.


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