Apple may release a new compact smartphone this year and call it iPhone XE, hinting at a new leak. He will be the successor of iPhone SE discontinued a year ago, especially because the fans of bitten apples need from Apple is a compact gadget to make it easy to use with one hand.

The photo shows the concept iPhone XE — so might look new compaction Apple, and it combined features as the SE, and the iPhone X. of Course, the picture is unofficial, but we all know that jony Ive, the design chief of Apple, for years, doing nothing, drawing the identical smartphone over and over again. So what this image iPhone XE the most likely. Distinctive features is the complete lack of screen frames and, of course, the unibrow, which, here, however, much smaller.

The edges of the case taken just iPhone SE and the rear panel in the photo is not visible, but there is hardly we can expect something different from X iPhone two years ago. Premiere iPhone XE may take place this year, but most likely, it will have to wait until next year — Apple is planning a massive upgrade of the entire line of smartphones, and iPhone XE quite successfully fit into it.

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