According to the Analytics service Thinkum, in recent times Apple is interested in professionals with experience in the field of healthcare. To such conclusion experts have come, analyzing the available jobs.

According to experts Thinkum, starting in 2017, Apple is actively seeking employees who have experience in the field of healthcare. A little more than a year, the demand for them has increased more than 400%.

If in October 2017, the official website was opened about 15 vacancies related to the field of health, in January 2019, the number has already reached 75. In fact, the growing demand for specialists in healthcare, shows the interest of Apple in this area.

Previously, Tim cook has hinted that the company is working on a new service that will help users better monitor their health. According to some reports, work on this project is already not the first year. There is speculation that the new service may be something to do with the fitness programs and applications to exercise.


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