Paul Gorodnitsky – super-weird trend that it’s time to eradicate.

Apple has a wonderful battery: iPad keeps longest on the market, iPhone (even the one who is 2-3 years) pulls not less daylight with a MacBook too, everything is fine, and the AirPods even has its own powerbank.

Another wonderful Apple updates: while Google years translates users on current OS (thanks to the variety of brands), the company from Cupertino carries out updates in a matter of months. The announcement in June, release in September, and in early November, more than half of Apple devices are running on a fresh iOS. Beauty.

But there is one important problem. Sometimes (quite regularly) updates of the system severely shorten battery life of the device. So it was with the old iOS (until the sixth version). This is happening after upgrading to iOS 7. Nothing changes: several times a year, the Apple forums are filled with the same reviews – my iPhone runs out of power in the background, help what to do.

It’s really unpredictable and inexplicable situation. The collapse of the battery can happen on a powerful iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6 drachenka. And with the General version (e.g., iOS 10) and intermediate (iOS 11.4).

But Apple for unknown reasons, the years scores on thoughtful, thorough and meticulously test the fresh versions of the system. While Apple is actively campaigning for users to immediately approve all updates and enjoyed the phones with the new OS.


Imagine the situation: in the morning I have to go on a business trip, before bed, I put iPhone on charge, and at night it automatically updated. For example, powerbank I not take with them, so in the end, watching the interest in my phone melt like a Popsicle in the oven.

Then the device turns off.

I remain without communication and had to look for an outlet, to buy external battery, fed from a laptop (by the way, not very easy on new Macs) and do some manipulation that is clearly not part of my plans.

Apple is to blame – no one else. The company itself also undermines the stereotype about their reliability when every six months, spit in the soul, sending to mobile great update.

Over the past five years, I ran across a defective updates twice with the iPhone 4s and iPhone 6. Both times the same symptom – abnormal voracity of the battery. With 4s on iOS 7, it was very sad – he was dead for a couple of hours. “Six” on iOS 9.x (don’t remember the figure) lived up to 15-16 hours a day, and then immediately begged to the outlet.

After the second occasion, I promise – now updated for about a day or two later than everyone else. This time the odds enough to check reviews, check the news and make sure that the update will not affect the battery. So if you don’t want the app to stay planted with the iPhone, better take your time with the installation of a fresh iOS.

Sometimes it is fraught.

PS experience shows that the old iPhones suffer still more often than new. Probably the hands of testers reach of current models – apparently the company is willing to catch negative feedback about your main product, and owners of previous generations of her care.


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