It neizbezhnost been waiting for the new Air. Longer and stronger than any iPhone.

Since 2010 only used these laptops. First, model 2008, then 2010 and finally, the most successful version 2013.

Walked with him for 4 years and have been patiently hoping for a redesign of the entire line. Because MacBook Air is love. Even Tim cook remarked during the presentation that no other their laptop did not cause such attachment and generally positive emotions.

Alas, did not wait for the updates “EIR”. Apple did not seem to notice as sells outdated hardware and display. First went on a 13-inch MacBook Pro 2017, then to 15-inch. To surrender later took a 12-inch MacBook as a typewriter. Very pleased.

And that was the October presentation. The new MacBook Air in 2018, and I’m not impressed. Read more about it’s better to tell in a review, now on the other.

12-inch MacBook, it seems, everything.

Why 12-inch MacBook for me — a dream

I will not argue: the 12-inch MacBook is the most strange laptop Apple over the past 10 years. Either like or hate. It is both an engineering marvel and a set of failed compromises, like the controversial keyboard or one USB port-C.

I love him anyways, and partly to blame for this ridiculous gadgetmania dream.

At the beginning of 2010 the first time I bought a Mac. Was this MacBook Air for the very first model: 2008, with a terribly slow processor, Core Duo 1.86 and stopping the HDD to 120 GB.

Literally saving up for it, filling news from morning to evening.

Loved the “EIR” as much as you can love a gadget. And when it opened, thought: once Apple is able to make such a thin computer, one day you will surpass yourself and release a laptop with a thickness of only one display cover.

Just don’t have an ancient MacBook Air, but appeared “laptop cover”. A dream come true.

The legendary “microbook” Sony Vaio P
Weak, but very light, unreal portable microbook Apple reminds me of Sony Vaio P with the only difference that the first one can work without the Mat.

Today on 12-inch MacBook I write, typeset, watch movies, communicate and even process pictures in Photoshop, if there is no 15-inch “prochi”. This is a unique thing that just can not be replaced. Especially considering the cost: a model in 2016 I took from hands for 30 thousand rubles.!

In fact, an example of yesterday: digging in the 220 RAW originals with shooting iPad Pro 2018 and finished up beauty two dozen of them in the Studio. Laptop found in a General accident. Didn’t notice it in the bag when the morning was going!

So this is not just a “typewriter”. She is able to give heat and help in the most different job, taking up less space than the same iPad in the case.

12-inch MacBook there are a lot cons: not a good standalone work (7-8 hours), the keyboard is very low, performance is also not a fountain.

But I think he doesn’t deserve such a strange death, which is inevitable because of the release of the MacBook Air in 2018.

Than 12-inch MacBook prevents Apple

When Apple introduced the 12-inch MacBook in 2015 year, the collective mind had deemed it the most logical, but still a continuation of the line of Air.

Ultra-expensive, almost indecently portable laptop clumsy “plugged” a hole in the shower yesterday, fans of the MacBook Air, which simply did not have the opportunity to updated on the appropriate modern standards laptop.

MacBook Air 2018 in the trendy Golden color.

But now there’s MacBook Air 2018, and with it — rare for an Apple problem. It is not clear why you need it.

On the one hand it shakes at 60% (!) more productive MacBook Pro without Touch Bar for almost the same price (difference $100). It hasn’t updated all year, but he’s almost all better than the new “EIR”, except for the keyboard and Autonomous work.

Even the difference in weight is immaterial: the new banal is 100 grams lighter and is almost unnoticeable.

And on the other the new Air prevents the same 12-inch MacBook. He’s not that powerful. Keyboard he is so so in comparison. But it is significantly smaller (portativnye) and by as much as 300 grams lighter.

More it was only because Apple inexplicably inflated prices in Russia a month ago. Prior to that, he was worth only 89 thousand rubles, and if you want, find it sealed for the same money.

Sandwiched between the two in their classroom and an actual laptop, MacBook Air 2018 does not look attractive to purchase. I wouldn’t want to change it even your old Air 2013, and the 12-inch model and does not give even a 1:1 ratio.

So Apple in 2018 have not updated the MacBook Pro no Touch no Bar nor 12-inch MacBook. They interfere with Air. It is only strange that their from the sale of is not removed immediately. Apparently decided to wait a bit.

Next year I will not be surprised if Apple quietly removed the MacBook from the shelves along with the base Pro. But the loss of “Proshka” not so scary: there is the same model with the Touch Bar, which even I (a fan of the buttons) got used for the year.

The loss also 12-inch MacBook would mean the death of all in this category — and, apparently, my dreams of the ultraportable laptop on the edge of the possible. It would be unfortunate, though logical from the business point of view.

So far this has not happened. So I recommend to anyone who doesn’t like the new MacBook Air, pay close attention to the 12-inch MacBook. Even used, if new is not enough.

Personally, I he closed the niche that was previously held by favorite Air 2013. This is a good laptop. Not the best, but so small and lightweight that he is ready to forgive almost everything.

Sorry about that, of course.

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