Apple plans to cut prices on the iPhone in countries where the national currency weakened against the dollar. This was stated by Apple CEO Tim cook Reuters.

Such decision the company takes the second time in the 12-year history of the gadget. She expects to halt the decline in device sales in some markets. It is, perhaps, Russia, Turkey, Brazil and China, the newspaper notes, Apple previously reported that the currencies in those countries lost ground. Cook, however, did not specify which countries are meant, but the trading company’s representatives in China have already begun to bring down prices.

Top Manager explained that Apple released the new iPhone XS in September for the same price as the previous iPhone model X in 2017 for $ 999. It worked for Americans, but, for example, in China and Turkey, where the local currency fell significantly against the dollar, this measure has made the iPhone even more expensive than a year earlier.

When Apple will start to reduce the price of the device is not specified.

Cook made this statement on the background information about the first ten years the drop in earnings in the key holiday period. The growth rate compared to previous years slowed down.

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