Apple has planned the release to the market the first smartphone with support for 5G. This should happen in 2020, says “the Economy today”. Clarifies that the novelty will be used modem Intel 8161, which is made of 10-nanometer process technology.

Currently, according to unofficial information, Apple is unhappy with the developments — the company claims to the modem. It is reported that he is overheating, there are problems with charging. If within one and a half years these shortcomings will not be solved, then Apple will replace Intel for MediaTek (this company acts as a safety option, with it negotiations).

Earlier, the “Free press” wrote that in Russia started selling the budget iPhone XR, which should be replacing the iPhone 8. Recall that a pre-order for it began on 19 October. There was a high demand for the model. Currently the most popular model of the new iPhone has become a black version c 128 GB of memory.

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