According to the source edition of the Financial Times, Apple is considering the purchase of a large network of radio stations in the United States. We are talking about iHeartMedia. The last manages more than 850 American radio stations.

At last count, active audience of the radio stations owned by iHeartMedia, is about 120 million people. And purchase management company will allow users quickly to access new audiences.

There is a chance that cupertinos won’t buy iHeartMedia, and first invested in the company heavily. In return, the owner of a chain of radio stations may begin to broadcast Beats 1 in the air of their stations. Thus, the cupertinos will be able to significantly expand the audience of your radio.

Experts believe that Apple had some difficulties when working with Beats 1. Therefore, the popularity of radio stations is still much lower than hoped in Cupertino. Analysts attribute this state of things that Apple just does not understand the realities of radiobases.


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