Apple is continuously looking for new employees. On the official website of the manufacturer of the iPhone, you can find dozens of vacancies. In some cases they allow to obtain some hints on the company’s plans. In particular, kupertinovtsy opened a new vacancy – Apple needed an experienced neuroscientist that can create transformational nanotehnologiy.

In the job description specified that the applicant must have 5 to 10 years experience in various projects related to neural studies, and different broad-minded. Such requirements are related to what is in the Apple future employee will interact with scientists and engineers throughout the company.

Cupertinos in advance is not misleading, what exactly will the new employee. However, in the job description specified that he had to help other professionals in the development and acceleration of various experiments that will help the development of technology.

In addition to responsibilities the new employee will include the analysis of the raw data and offer them on the basis of reasonable ideas.


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