The company is luring the best specialists Tesla.

Apple continues to work on their secret project, codenamed Titan. In 2018, the company came after him with a vengeance, including through new shoots that continue to replenish the team. Today it became known that to work on the project, Apple has poached the chief engineer of Tesla Arc field.

Doug field previously worked at Apple where he held an important position. Until 2013 field specialized in the creation of Mac computers. However, after he was lured to his Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla. Tesla experienced professional worked as time on the creation of unmanned vehicles.

According to a reputable insider John Gruber, Apple fielder will join the team working on the drones. How big is this team’s leading analysts do not know.

What exactly Apple is developing the project Titan is not known. Thanks to the numerous leaks we know that the project directly connected with unmanned vehicles. Apple can create their own UAV and software for the platform for management of Autonomous vehicles.

Source: The Verge.


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