The Apple company offers extra month of free access to Music for Apple users who have exhausted the initial trial period, but so far have not issued a paid subscription. This tells the users of the website Reddit, posting screenshots with relevant content.

Judging by the content of reviews left on the pages of Reddit, the action is limited only to the countries where the service was launched officially. In any case, the possibility of obtaining free access to Apple Music for a period of one month, reported by users from the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, UK, Germany and other countries of the world.

Notice about the readiness of Apple to provide free trial access to Apple Music can come in the form of push notifications from the Music app, and a full email message with a unique link. A click on it will allow you to sign up for a free membership, after tying the account to a plastic card. It will be charged the fee after the end of demodata.


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