Apple has patented a flexible smartphone that bends on both sides. The new product can be launched in the coming years. According to insiders, the patent application has already been submitted to the patent and trademark office.

According to “iReactor”, according to the draft, the device will feature an OLED screen with a special coating that replaces the protective glass. New from Apple will be able to bend both inside and out. This feature displays the smartphone leaders among other bendable smartphones. For example, the upcoming flexible smartphone from Samsung will be folded in one direction only.

It is unknown whether the new smartphone a continuation of the line iPhone or corporations are planning to run it as a standalone project.

Earlier, the “Free press” reported that the gadget, iridescent, preparing to enter the market by Apple. It should release in 2019. Apple has patented technology of Surface Finishing, which will enable the smartphone to shimmer with different colors.

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