Moscow, October 12 — “Conduct. Economy”, Apple will create their own video content. Shows and TV shows will be available for free to owners of the gadgets produced by the company, including the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, reports CNBC, citing sources.

Producing its own video content will enable Apple to be on a par with Netflix, is also involved in the creation of films and TV series. Digital video service will be a combination of original content and paid subscriptions of other media companies. Apple device owners will have access to the service as a preset, per-application. Free watch shows can subscribers of some video services such as HBO and Starz.

To produce their own video content Apple is going to spend about $1 billion For comparison, a similar costs largest service stream video, Netflix is expected to be $8 billion

According to sources, the development of the company has more than 20 TV series and TV shows, and possibly in the future, to join them, and feature films. Run this division of the two former head of Sony Pictures Television.

It is expected that the streaming service will be launched early next year.

Previously, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal wrote that Apple plans to acquire and release up to a dozen television shows. The cost of production of one series of the publication estimated from $2 million to Comedy up to $5 million for drama.

Thereby can be realized plans of senior Vice President of Apple eddy cue, who believes that the company needs to offer through iTunes or the new video service, or a quality TV series like “Game of thrones”.

To attract the widest possible audience-to-brand video service, Apple is focused on the creation of television shows rated PG. The abbreviation for the films intended for viewing by children under the age of 13. This age, say in Cupertino, it is optimal to engage in proprietary Apple ecosystem, assuming a sufficient number of rights to unrestricted use of the majority of the company’s products.

CNBC notes that Apple has long tried to enter into agreements with major media companies, which were against direct consumer relationship with the manufacturer of the iPhone and iPad. One of the reasons is the fear that such cooperation will lead to lower video industry, as it happened with the music market when Apple started selling songs for 99 cents.

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