Publishing The Information with reference to anonymous sources inside Apple reports that the cupertinos are planning to create your own modem for iPhone and iPad. However, serial devices, this component will be implemented soon. It is assumed that the development of corporate modem will take about three years.

At the moment it is unknown at what stage are the works on a new component. However, sources report that for some time cupertinos are actively looking for engineers. The last should replenish the state office in San Diego.

It is worth noting that rumors about the development of Apple modem appear not for the first time. In the past Apple has already created its own forces of several components for its mobile devices, and refused the services of third-party manufacturers. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact, that cupertinos and then plan to go this route. Especially considering that now Apple is fighting a protracted legal war with Qualcomm.

Recall that at the moment cupertinos purchase modems for their mobile devices from Intel. However, this is more of a compromise solution, as the products of Intel in some ways lost to competitors.


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