It is expected that later this month Apple will unveil their new streaming service that will give users the ability to view movies, series and TV shows. Moreover, the service will be as content created by Apple Inc, and provided by the partners. However, if believe the sources The New York Post, a new service, users will be able only at the end of this year.

It should be noted that information about the possible postponement of the launch of Apple’s new criminologi service appeared on the network before. However, we now know the reasons for the delay. According to the authors of the publication The New York Post, the launch date is transferred not for the first time. The main reason lies in the requirements of Apple and that the company management is not actively intervenes in the production of content.

According to sources, content producers openly complain about the leadership of Apple, noting that Apple is difficult to work because of the “lack of transparency and Intrusive leaders.” According to interlocutors of the edition, the cupertinos are constantly making changes, fire and hire new writers, changing conditions, etc.

For example, not long ago, Tim cook has set content producers the task of preparing for the launch of the service as many shows and movies for family viewing. But at the same time kupertinovtsy transferred to work quite a lot of scenarios that are considered complex and even controversial topics. The latter is not too fit into the requirement of “domestic content.”

In the face of new information, some even began to doubt that Apple will present its new streaming service in the spring presentation. Against the background of General delay cupertinos can postpone the announcement until the autumn.


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