Today, many have no doubt that this fall Apple will again launch three new smartphones. This is cupertinos have not yet fully decided either with appearance or with some technical features of new products. According to sources, is now in the laboratories of the company has been actively tested several prototypes.

According to available information, the cupertinos are thinking in order to reduce the “Bang” in two of the three new smartphones. Why specifically a company can take this step the sources are not reported. However, prototypes with reduced openings in the screen are being tested by Apple. Along with this, the test pass and prototypes without the Lightning port. In these devices a proprietary socket replaced by the more versatile USB Type-C.

While sources point out that while the cupertinos finally decided on the appearance of some of their new products. In particular, the company is still considering different options for the location of the main camera lens the successor to the iPhone Xs Max.

In addition to information about a large number of different prototypes, the sources also shared data on the cost of the next Apple smartphones. If you believe the online Android Shout, but this year the successors to the iPhone Xs, Xs and Xr Max iPhone will be worth exactly the same as current models of Apple smartphones:

  • iPhone Xr (2019) — from $749
  • iPhone XI — from $999
  • iPhone XI Max — from $1099

It is expected that the official announcement of the new smartphones from Apple will take place in September this year in a special event.


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