Recently Apple Executive Jeff Williams talked with the students of Elon University and revealed some details about the company’s activities. In particular, Williams discussed the question of pricing and prices for Apple products.

During the lecture one of the students expressed the opinion that Apple products are too expensive, which ultimately allows the manufacturer to very high profits. This conclusion was made primarily on the basis of analytical reports, which often publish a third-party company.

However, Williams said that analysts are not quite right. In their reports they do not take into account development costs. According to Executive Director of Apple, to create Apple Watch, the company has attracted a lot of third-party experts and ordinary test – 40 nurses and about 10,000 testers. In addition, Apple has created a separate laboratory for product testing.

But at the same time, Jeff Williams agreed that Apple products are quite expensive. However, Apple doesn’t want to be considered elite company. Now cupertinos rather try to become egalitarian (opposite of elitism) company. This is why Apple wants to start paying more attention to developing markets.


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