Apple left a lot of unsold iPhone CVD data close to Apple sources, to date, remained an impressive number of unsold iPhone X. If you believe the insiders, the warehouses, the Apple three times more flagship “ten”, the company managed to sell.

This inventory presents not only the finished iPhones. It may be components and parts, and housing.

For Apple this is a very atypical situation. Typically the dimensions very accurately predict the approximate number of smartphones that the company may sell to the day of the release of the next flagship.

Now, remaining with a surplus components are likely to be used in the next generation iPhone.

It seems that marketers Apple was very wrong with the pace of sales of the iPhone X. Although the announcement of the flagship took place in September, he came only in November 2017. It was most difficult to cope with the shortage of scanners TrueDepth for face recognition Face ID.


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