Apple this year will present a new iOS 13 for its smartphones and tablet computers, and today it became known that the new in it will. Oddly enough, this year the iOS version for iPhone 13 will receive little change, whereas modifications to the iPad they will be much more.

This means that Apple will bet on their tablets, since IPhones do not need at the prices that they ask for, but the iPad in the tablet market there is no worthy competitor. By the way, you can always save money on buying a new iPhone — for example, to buy the IPhone in Moscow XR discount right now. So, in iOS 13 we are waiting for the first dark theme that will be available on smartphones and tablets. Here in the open iOS copies Android in this OS dark theme was originally, then to Android 5 it drank, and in the upcoming Android 10, which will show in may 2019, it will return.

That iOS 13, its announcement will take place in early June, 2019. Nothing else interesting in the firmware for iPhone wait just not worth it — it will be all useless trifle unworthy of attention. the iPad is interesting: iOS 13 will receive a full regime of mnogokanalnosti that will allow you to open one screen from many apps and move them in any direction. This is done in all desktop OS, so now I understand what Apple is seeking. And she strives to ensure that its IPad could replace all the laptops and desktops. Of course, it will fail due to a number of more than objective reasons, but Apple still touches.

Further, in iOS 13 for tablets will be a new gesture for the text — swipe left on the screen with three fingers will cancel the last entered text, and a swipe to the right, oddly enough, return everything back. Voice assistant Siri also will not remain without attention of developers — it will finally cease to react to noises and to include, for example, from the children’s crying or laughing. This innovation will affect both iPhone and iPad, but in iPad Safari browser learn to access versions of websites designed for desktop PCs. Yes, this feature has long been there in all browsers for Android, but Apple as the most innovative company in the world, lagging behind the main competitors for three years. While this is all known changes in iOS 13, and to wait for its release should be in September when Apple will be releasing new smartphones iPhone line XI.

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