Today it became known that the cupertinos lost a lawsuit, which lasted more than 8 years. The court ordered the iPhone maker to pay to the company, WiLan compensation in the amount of $ 145 million for violating patents related to wireless technologies for mobile devices.

In fact, now WiLan is a real patent Troll. Initially the company was engaged in the development and implementation of different wireless technologies. However, since 2006, it turned into a patent holding and started to sue major manufacturers of computers and mobile devices.

For the first time Apple has faced WiLan in 2007. Then a dispute arose around several patents related to Wi-Fi. However, the court embarked on strontium WiLan. The next attempt was made in 2010, and that this lawsuit may bring a patent Troll more than $ 140 million.

However, the court left Apple the opportunity to appeal against the decision passed by the jury. So kupertinovtsy still have the opportunity not to pay WiLan impressive compensation.


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