Apple last year announced about working on a modular Mac Pro, which should be presented this summer at WWDC June 3. In anticipation of this network was made public the specifications and design of the new computer.

On the website Imgur was published the slides of the presentation within the company, demonstrating the appearance and specifications of the upcoming Mac Pro. However, to date, has not been clarified the notion of modularity in the representation of the Apple.


Based on the slide Pro Mac 2019 will be executed in a more classical case in the form of a parallelepiped with rounded corners. Its size will amount to 19.5×29,3 x 29,3 cm, which is greater than the last Mac Pro desktop, although this is not critical.


Mac Pro (2019) will be based on the new Intel Xeon W and one or two NVIDIA BTO RTX X or AMD FirePro, which has not yet been submitted.

Recall that the last major update of the model series Mac Pro occurred in 2013, and do desktops because of the design has been called “trash buckets”. Since that time, the Mac Pro has received a few minor changes to upgrade components.

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