On 12 July, Apple has updated the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. One of the major changes was the new keyboard, which has improved protection from dust and crumbs. But in other models the MacBook Pro it is impossible to establish, reports MacRumors.

Some Reddit users were hoping that Apple will change the keyboard Butterfly second generation to third. MacRumors has contacted Apple Store and authorized service centers to find out whether this really. Apple said the third generation keyboard is exclusive to the MacBook Pro 2018.

One of the possible reasons why Apple may not install a new keyboard on the older model — not compatible with MacBook Pro 2016 and 2017. The fact that the keyboard in MacBook Pro is part of a larger component Top Case, and it is attached inside the battery. The design of the Top Case could change the MacBook Pro 2018.

However, there remains a small possibility that Apple modified the keyboard of the second generation, so it would be more reliable. Otherwise it is unwise to change the keyboard on the same, if there is no problem.


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